The Preferred Spellings of Traveling Vs. Travelling


The Preferred Spellings of Traveling Vs. Travelling

Traveling is the general movement of humans from different geographical locations over a period of time. Travel can be done by land, by foot, by car, plane, train, bicycle, boat or any other mode of transportation, with or without personal luggage, and is one way or another. There are several ways to travel. These ways may include traveling by air, sea or by land.

Some words that are commonly associated with travel are: speed, hurry, en route, journeyed, etc. Travelling by air, for example, is a simple journey wherein the destination is given verbally, on a map, or written on a ticket. Air travels may be either by a commercial airline or by a private plane.

The spelling of many words indicating travel can depend on where the traveling is intended to take place. Wherever the travel is to occur, the spelling of the word will vary. In Canada, for example, the spelling of most words indicating travelling changes to Canada. In the United States, the spelling of traveling is typically the same as that of the destination country. However, in some locations, like New York City, the spelling of travelling may be slightly different.

The meaning of travel also varies depending on the location where the travel takes place. In most cases, in North America, the spelling of the word travel is almost always the same as the word going back to the United Kingdom. The exception comes when the destination is outside of America, like when traveling to Canada. In this instance, the spelling of the word travel would be dependent upon whether one was traveling east or west across the continent.

Traveling around the world is relatively common. For example, if an individual is going to visit Italy, they are probably going to say, I am going to Rome, Germany, London, Florence, etc. A person who travels from one state to another often uses the word transiting. This means moving from one country to another, but it does not necessarily mean leaving one’s home. A person who travels to another country is said to have journeyed.

There are a number of reasons as to why there is a widely preferred spelling of words indicating traveling. However, the most important one is probably related to British English. For example, when someone says, I am going to the U.S., Canada, or South Africa, they are probably referring to a journey, not a residence. If an individual were to spell the word travel differently, including the letters R, G, T, A, C, and W, it would read, I am going to the United States, Canada, or South Africa, not “I am going to the United States, Canada, or South Africa.”