Paid Vacation Holidays – A Global Market

Holidays are special days set aside by law or custom, where work or school activities including work or study are temporarily reduced or suspended. In general, holidays are meant to let people celebrate or remember an occasion or symbol of spiritual or cultural importance. Holidays are internationally observed and are celebrated with great joy and happiness across the world. Holidays are equally important for men and women equally. Holidays are equally good for people of all age groups, both child and adult.

Holidays in England are arranged and organized in July and August. Holidays in England differ from country to country. In England, the major public holidays celebrated are July fourth, which is known as England’s national day. Then the next is the Ash Wednesday, which is followed by Christmas which is the season of giving and celebrating with family and friends. All these are the common national festivals of England which are celebrated in a different way in every country.

The next important national holiday in England is September and it is on the first Tuesday of the September. All over the UK, there are public holidays which are fixed according to schedule. All the schools and colleges are closing on the first Tuesday of the Sept and the government also decides when and where to celebrate these great national holidays. If you do not want to miss them, then the best option is to book your tickets in advance. Advance booking for holidays to ensure that you are ensured of a great vacation.

In every state, federal holidays are celebrated with pomp and show and there are various traditions that surround them. For instance, in Washington state, which has the fifth largest economy in the United States, the federal holidays are celebrated on the Christmas day. This is followed by New Years, Easter, St. Patrick’s day, Independence day, Thanksgiving and January fourth. All the states celebrate different kinds of government offices and institutions with pomp and show on these occasions.

There is no government office which does not observe any federal holiday in the US and hence you can see all the government offices close down on these occasions. This is another reason why the tourism industry in the US is boosted by these annual vacations. People who have other job or families also take off for holidays and spend some quality time with their loved ones back at home. The business community also benefits from this and it helps in improving the business performance.

When it comes to religious holidays, England has its fair share of both. On Christmas day, the English celebrate Christmas cress and on New Year’s, they celebrate the Big Decree. On many of the religious holidays, people get paid for taking them and on some of these days, people work double shifts because of the demand for them. These paid holidays make the employees happy and strengthen their loyalty to their employers.