Holidays – Make Your Holiday a Special One

Holidays are special days set aside for public celebrations or ritual where in the country people observe different religious or cultural importance. In general, holidays are meant to let people to commemorate or celebrate an occasion or religious or cultural value of significant cultural or historical importance. Different cultures and religions have their own holidays that are celebrated in their own way. There are festivals like New Year’s, Christmas, Chanukah, Oktoberfest, Hamsa and others that are celebrated in different countries with great zeal. Holidays also mark the end of one year and the beginning of another.

Holiday festivals and public holidays are observed all over the world and most often are celebrated with great zeal. A holiday marked as a public holiday usually implies that the public is allowed to come and go as they wish during that particular day but some times even the workers and students may not be able to go out to play or attend to their various needs. The purpose behind having public holidays is to give people an opportunity to enjoy certain privileges. Some of these privileges include free education, discounts at cinemas and shopping centers, public parks, etc.

In the United States of America, holidays are mostly based on federal holidays. Federal holidays such as the Christmas and Thanksgiving Day are mostly observed in the United States of America. While other public holidays celebrate a specified day of the year or a group of days. For instance the four-year school holiday schedule in the United States of America is a week long holiday schedule.

In United States, the major public holidays are Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, and the national holidays which are celebrated each year including thanksgiving day, New Years day, and Veterans day. Major religious holidays observed in United States include Christmas and New Year’s Day which are observed jointly by all religions in the country. While there are major differences in United States of America regarding the observance of holidays, some of them are widely followed around the world. Holidays are mostly celebrated in the month of January which starts off with the Chinese New Year.

Holidays have now become part of a common culture. The word holiday is generally associated with vacations when people get away from work and get together with their family and friends. Holidays have always been a time for relaxation and contemplation and that is why people love to plan their vacations in advance.

A major part of any holiday may depend on the duration of the holiday. There are short break holidays which last only for a few days while a major vacation lasts for a week or more. During short holiday periods, people tend to visit more places whereas on the other hand people taking longer vacations tend to go to fewer places. Holidays may also be planned according to particular seasons such as spring break, ski season and so on. There are various types of holidays, which can be chosen to make a good break for you.