Creating Custom Holiday Cards for Your Favorite Holidays

Holidays are special days set aside for celebration, family and friends. Generally, holidays are designed to let people celebrate or honor an occasion or a tradition of historical or cultural importance. In the United States, the most common holidays celebrated are Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Mother’s Day. All of these have universal meanings that tie everything together into a happy sense of happiness. Holidays are also made popular by popular annual events such as Fourth of July, Independence Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving.

Holidays give us a chance to renew our love, compassion and support for one another. On most national holidays, we also get a chance to see loved ones far away. Because of this, it is quite easy to make plans to visit them when available. In fact, nearly every holiday there is has a strong connection with travel and visiting other countries. Thus, national holidays give us a great opportunity to travel and explore our vast country.

Most of us cannot be at the same place on all national holidays. That is why most holidays have their very own theme, like Christmas, New Year’s, Saint Valentine’s Day, National Volunteer Week and Easter. These holidays are celebrated in various places around the world. The most common international holidays celebrated around the world include Christmas (which is actually a Christian holiday), Saint Valentine’s Day (which is primarily celebrated in Europe), Halloween (which are largely celebrated in America), and Mother’s Day (which are mostly celebrated by the women of Asia). International holidays also mark major religious celebrations, like the Chinese New Year, Eid Al-Fitr, and Ramadan.

In addition to the international holidays, there are also many local festivals and social events which are celebrated around the world. Some of these are Christmas trees, Easter eggs, Halloween, Saint Valentine’s Day, National Volunteer Week, and Mother’s Day. Some of the major holidays recognized in the United States are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah, as well as, Easter, Independence Day, and Valentine’s Day.

The Christian calendar teaches us that, on the day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, peace shall reign, and throughout the year as the Signs of the Cross shall be seen throughout the Earth. Thus, we celebrate the birth of Christ as a holy and joyous occasion which transcends all other holidays. The twelve days leading up to the celebration of the birth of Christ is known as “Pagans Fall” or “Sabbath of the Fathers”.

In conclusion, I hope you learned a little bit more about the holidays. Now please help me by studying this list of holidays and learning how to add them to your calendar. Happy Holidays! -CC