About me

I take my ministry into both religious and secular organizations:

  • I am co-owner of ParentCareKY, LLC and a Professional Geriatric Nurse Case Manager. See www.parentcareky.com
  • I am the Affiliated Community Minister at the UU Fellowship of Madison County (Kentucky).                                                                                                                      See: http://madisoncountyuu.org/
  • I am the founder and President of The Legacy Home Ministry.  The Legacy Home is  cooperative living for aging women with low wealth.           See www.legacyhomeministry.org.
  • I serve on Executive Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Community Ministries. See www.uuscm.org.
  • I served as a Commissioned Member of The Commonwealth of Kentucky  Institute on Aging.
  • I officiate weddings.
Giving the invocation at the Nuns on the Bus Rally in Lexington, KY.
Giving the invocation at the Nuns on the Bus Rally                        in  Lexington, KY.

A ministry dedicated to old people