I am The Reverend Esther Hurlburt, a Unitarian Universalist Community Minister with a passion for advocating for people who are old.  I am on a mission to bring back the worth and dignity to the word old, believing that ever prevalent ageism is  disgraceful.  Indeed, the ‘silver tsunami’ has hit our shores and regrettably not everyone is equipped to guide old people and their families through  the transitions of aging.

I understand the realities of aging and know that no matter how hard we may try, that we will grow old unless we die first. Therefore, we must learn to grow old like we learned to grow up; that is, we learn to grow old by  being  one another’s teachers and helping each other  through the process.

I have been in private practice as a professional geriatric nurse case        manager for over twenty years.  I am concerned about the pain, confusion, and stress that occur during the aging process.  Some distress is the result of poor planning or the lack of knowledge.  Yet the more troublesome pain is the spiritual and emotional pain that accompanies old age. Through               experience I’ve learned that most of this pain is resolved in secular                  environments such as attorneys’ offices or courtrooms, when indeed  church can be excellent venue to help families.  It is possible to minimize the trauma of aging!

My ministry helps congregations and families understand how to cope with these difficult transitions based on Unitarian Universalist theology of covenant and interdependence in addition to pragmatic advice regarding specific services.

A ministry dedicated to old people